It is important to perform property maintenance on your rental property in many different situations. There are many types of inspections and they can go a long way toward protecting your property, your investment, and even your tenants. Ensure that you explain to your tenants why these inspections are necessary and how they benefit both parties in the long run.

When to Perform an Inspection

It is important to perform maintenance inspections on a regular basis to protect your investment. These inspections help to determine the existing condition of your rental property. They will provide you with information regarding needed maintenance and repairs. Inspections should always be performed before you market the rental property. This will provide you with peace of mind regarding the condition of the property, before you begin to show it to potential renters. Perform an inspection at move-in. Both the landlord and the tenant should be present during this inspection. This will help to ensure that both parties begin the tenancy on the same page regarding the condition of the building. Move out inspections are similarly important. During these inspections, you will want to compare the condition of the building to the move-in inspection. Routine inspections should be performed, as well, to ensure that the building stays in good condition.

What to Look For

There are many things that you need to look for when you perform a maintenance inspection. Examine the condition of the floors and walls. Check the plumbing systems carefully, as issues with these systems can cause a significant amount of damage to your property if they fail to function appropriately. Check the HVAC system to ensure that your tenants can obtain the heating and cooling services that they need. Check the roof and inspect the gutters and clean them of debris.
Implementing the right maintenance inspections can go a long way toward protecting your rental property. They can ensure that you have documented the existing condition of the building, which can help you to prove the condition when you consider whether to withhold or return a security deposit. To obtain more information regarding the importance of maintenance inspections, contact us at the Keyrenter in Solutions today!